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NEW! USS Katahdin- Grey Scheme
Category:1/200 scale
Designer:Fernando Pérez Yuste
Fernando Pérez Yuste
Designer style:[ Expand details ]
A harbor-defense ram of innovative design, was the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for Mount Katahdin, a mountain peak in Maine.

The inspiration behind Katahdin was Rear Admiral Daniel Ammen, an advocate of a coastal defense navy. Ammen was impressed by the British torpedo ram HMS Polyphemus. Unlike Polyphemus, which was primarily a torpedo boat, with ramming a secondary function, the American design was for a pure ram, with no torpedoes carried.

Katahdin’s design was a new departure in naval architecture, built to ride extremely low in the water with her bow awash while under way. Her hull embodied several new features later used in early submarines. A similar design was the whaleback freighters of the Great Lakes which went into production in 1887. An order was placed for construction of a ...
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USS Katahdin- Grey Scheme
1/72 Farman HF.27B-2 French Air Force
Farman HF.27B-2 French Air Force
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