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NEW! Kugishu R2Y2 Keiun
Category:1/32 scale (1/33)
Designer:Marek Pacyński
Marek Pacyński
Designer style:[ Expand details ]
The R2Y2 Keiun-Kai V1 is a Rank V Japanese jet bomber.
Although classified as a "jet bomber", the R2Y2 truly excels as a jet fighter. Even though the R2Y2s are able to equip 800 kg bombs, they wield a powerful set of 4 x 30 mm Type 5 cannons, mounted in the nose. This aircraft trio is similar to the Me 262 series as they all lack an engine or propeller in the front of the plane. Thus, the R2Y2 and its German counterpart wield an impressive set of cannons. However, unlike the legendary slow firing, low muzzle velocity Mk-108s in the 262, the R2Y2 series wields Type 5 cannons with a much larger ammunition pool. Although their rates of fire are comparable, this fact of a higher ammunition count allows the R2Y2 to be able to destroy large amounts of aircraft without having to return to base. In arcade battles, having a large ...
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World War II
Kugishu R2Y2 Keiun
Kugishu R2Y2 Keiun
1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10 Bulgarian 1946
Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10 Bulgarian 1946
Best price! €7.95
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